Hyperconnected assets and processes in supply-chains

Transforming supply chain by digitalizing trillions of assets on the single unit level with individual ultra-low-cost RFID/NFC-enabled tracking and sensors system that and an integrated SaaS/private cloud data platform. We are supply-chain agnostic.

The Asynos Platform

The Asynos platform enables a highly integrated solution to single unit asset management. Highly integrated ultra-low cost serialization and sensor IoT for value chains enabling a global cross-company asset lifecycle management.

Digitalizing the steel industry

Asynos is one of top six startups chosen by Gerdau from 100+ applications for it’s newest smart and sustainable accelerator cohort! Gerdau is one of the leading producers of long steel in the Americas and of special steel in the world. Read more ...

Bringing digitalization to the paper industry

Asynos is one of six winners of the first phase of SAVIA innovation program promoted by CMPC. CMPC is the world’s largest pulp and paper company (Forbes Global 2000 2018 ranking) with a 100-year history. Read more ...

Our Partners

Supply Chain Digitalization As a Service

Our platform provides a turnkey solution for detailed end-2-end visibility of individual assets along for very large value chains at highest cost efficiency. A customizable full solution from ultra-low-cost sensor label, over industrial readout of hypercloud-connected features for full inventory management, traceability, sensor-based quality processing and procurement of trillions of items.

Existing Ecosystem

We created a highly flexible tracking solution for 1 scan per day to 100s of asset-scans per second and device that can integrate with existing RFID, NFC or optical readout system if present. From industrial solutions to ordinary smartphones with just an App installed. Our cross-company model additionally enables deep insight into the full lifecycle of individual assets.


Our sensors are proprietary and fully integrated into the tracking process and platform. The ultra-low cost sensors are integrated according to customer specification or based on the existing portfolio of gas- and liquid and physical features to have deep insights into quality control based on in-situ physio-chemical sensor arrays, which, can deliver destruction free real-time analytics of asset status for advanced asset tracking and automated alerting.


Single unit tracking

In combination with the Digital twin of each asset, single unit tracking gives clients detailed information about their stock and its quality

Integrated Sensor technology

The integrated sensor technology introduces destruction free quality control and advanced asset handling like usage or POS-processes based individual products based on expected expiration/sensor information.

Digital twin

By utilizing the full range of features, our platform creates a complete digital twin of any product. Including asset related information, location, history and sensor data for quality control

Anylabel technology

With our anylabel technology, no extra hardware is required to interact with our tags. In addition, it enables our platform to use any existing label that is already present on the asset

Real-time inventory

A combination of various features on our platform creates a full real-time view of their inventory, including alarming and quality control

Full warehouse management

We provide many features for full warehouse management like location management, prioritization, ordering, quality control etc. to extend/replace existing ERP solutions in a fully cloud-connected ecosystem

Cross-company interaction

Our platform is built to track assets for their whole lifetime, starting at the manufacturer, to the distributors, warehouses and retail

Plug & play hardware solutions

The provided plug & play hardware solutions make integration easy. Including readout tunnels for conveyor belts, smart shelves for warehouses and retailers and vehicle integrations for logistics

Intelligent inventory

Machine learning gives our platform the ability to expect changes in a client’s stock by looking at the history data of the inventory and advanced analytics data of our cross-company network.

Automatic compliance

By integrating with our sensor solution, clients can generate automatic compliance reports. For example, for storage conditions, delivery times and asset transportation.

Flexible pricing

Our platform's pricing model is based on pay as you use and extremely predictable / customer-value oriented. No subscriptions of services/assets that are not used. The basic usage for small environments and testing and end consumers is free to use.

Use Cases


Industry 5.0: connecting the digital manufacturing floor with digitalized products that enable optimal production parameters and production planning


Moving assets in complicated supply chains beyond SKU level: sensor-driven logistics processes and control of load carriers and asset-tracking streamlining logistics and distribution processes

Warehouse & Retailers

Real-time inventory of conventional and sensor-equipped assets to steer (re)ordering systems, quality control and tasks on the single-unit level that increase operational efficiency and reduce costs


User experience of digitalized everyday-objects that is driven by sensor-driven, fully digital single-unit product and quality information that embed into smart, demand-based next generation service offerings


Digitalization of pharma supply-chain and assets with IoT reach paperless cGxP-conformity with real-time connected assets that enable complete life-cycle management


Ultra-low cost sensor makes the grey-stage construction processes smarter and safer with embedded quality monitoring. Sensor-driven decision process frees large labor costs and maximizes asset utilization and can be embedded into Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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